Package I

Macronutrients, pH

Scope of the study:

  • Soil pH inH2O(soil pH),
  • Mineral nitrogen (N-NO3, N-NH4),
  • Macronutrients (phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, sodium).

Price: 70 PLN gross

Knowledge of the content of elements available to plants in the soil is the key to obtaining satisfactory yields both in terms of quality and quantity. Adequate nutrient content is essential for proper plant growth. Both their deficiency and excess can negatively affect the crops grown. A regulated soil reaction affects the ability of plants to take up elements from the soil, thus increasing the efficiency of fertilizers used and contributing to soil quality.

How to make a generic sample according to the guidelines ?!

Take 10-20 primary (individual) samples evenly from the plot area, moving in a zigzag pattern. Individual samples from a single plot are to represent a total sample of up to 1 kg. The total (averaged) sample should represent an area of land with similar natural conditions (soil type, type and species). The area of land per total sample with a level soil surface and similar terrain should be up to 4 hectares. Primary samples are taken with a soil stick from the topsoil up to 20cm. With an individual sampling system, it is also permissible to take samples with other tools, such as a spade. In such a case, it is necessary to cut away with a spade from a depth of up to 20cm. A vertical patch of soil 0.5cm thick. Pour the soil from the center section of the spade into a box or plastic bag.