How to take a sample yourself?

  1. Prepare a total sample according to the guidelines:
    • take 10-20 primary samples (individual) uniformly from the surface of the site to represent a total sample of 0.5-1 kg
  2. The total (averaged) sample should represent an area of land with similar natural conditions (soil type, type and species).
  3. The area of land per total sample with a level soil surface and similar terrain should be up to 4 hectares
  4. Primary samples are taken with a soil stick from the topsoil up to 20 cm, sequentially following the steps:
    • vertically align the cane to the soil surface
    • push into the soil as far as it will go (to the height of the stop bar)
    • make a full turn and remove the cane
    • transfer the contents of the cavity (tray) of the stick to the appropriate container
    • after taking individual samples, mix the whole thing and fill the carton or plastic bag
  5. With an individual sampling system, it is also permissible to take samples with other tools, for example. Spade. In this case, a vertical patch of soil 0.5 cm thick should be stripped off with a spade from a depth of up to 20 cm. Pour the soil from the middle part of the spade into The total (averaged) sample should consist of 15 – 20 primary (individual) samples. Mix the whole mixture and separate 0.5 to 1 kg of soil into a box or plastic bag.
  6. Samples should not be taken:
    • At the edge of the field up to 5 m
    • in the places left by stoops and mounds
    • in ditches, furrows, molehills and gravel pits
    • In depressions and sharp hills of the terrain (if necessary, take additional samples from these places)
  7. Do not take samples:
    • Immediately after the application of mineral fertilizers (up to 3 weeks after application)
    • after organic fertilization
    • and during periods of excessive drought or soil moisture
  8. It is recommended that soil samples be packaged in plastic bags. The following data is placed on the bag:
    • name
    • sample number
    • Name of the place or plot number from which primary samples were taken
    • date of sample collection

Where to send soil samples?

AGRO SMART LAB sp. z o.o.

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with a note „soil samples recommendations Sobeckidoradztwo”

Soil sampling form