Control of nematodes

Nematodes are soil pests that attack various groups of plants, especially vegetables.

Sobecki Group systematically expands its knowledge by collaborating with the best specialists in the country.

Dr. Aneta Chalanska
A specialist in nematology with a doctorate in horticultural sciences.

N – nematology

Testing soil for nematodes. Quantitative and qualitative research. Assessing the threat to the crop from cyst-forming nematodes (cyst nematodes) and/or free-living nematodes (root-knot nematodes, pinworms, spiral nematodes and many others).

Thanks to our experience working at the intersection of entomology and phytopathology, we take a comprehensive approach to problems in the cultivation of horticultural plants. Often, phytosanitary problems are the result of several factors, not just one. We are able to identify them and propose a strategy of action. Only a holistic approach can improve the condition of the crop.